Source of odor must be removed prior to treatment.

Botanical Sanitizing Spray or Fogging Treatment

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses*, Fungi, Molds & Allergens**

  • EPA Registered Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant

  • TouchPoint Treatment for Doorknobs, Lightswitches, Remotes, Railing & Elevator Buttons (Additional Time & Cost)

  • Treatment Duration: 30 Min - 1 Hour 

  • Subscription Discounts 

Activated Oxygen (O3) Sanitizing Treatment

  • Sanitize Everything with O3 (Including HVAC Ductwork)

  • Eliminate Tough Odors Including Cigarette Smoke, Curry, Pet Urine...

  • Treatment Duration: 4-6 Hours

HVAC / Ductwork Activated Oxygen (O3) Sanitizing Treatment

  • Sanitize & Deodorize All Ductwork

  • Ph Balanced, No Chemical Residue 

  • Eliminate Tough Odors Including Cigarette Smoke, Curry, Pet Urine...

  • ​Vacuum Vent Openings Only***

  • Treatment Duration: 1 Hour

OXYGreen (O3) Carpet Sanitizing Treatment

  • We do not currently clean carpets. For the best results, we highly recommend a hot-water extraction cleaning be done prior to sanitizing. 

  • Eliminate Pet Urine Odors & Sanitize Carpet Fibers

  • Includes 2-Step Enzyme Pre-Spray Followed by Activated Oxygen

  • Treatment Duration: 1-2 Hours

​*Virucidal according to the ASTM Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents. ** Fungicidal according to the AOAC Germicidal Spray Method. Removes the following allergens: dust mite matter, cat dander, dog dander, mouse dander, rat dander, guinea pig dander, cockroach matter, peanut, birch pollen, timothy grass pollen, ragweed pollen. ***We do not vacuum the entire HVAC system, only vent openings. Additional time and cost will be determined.

Exact pricing provided prior to treatment.